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Ink & Blotts

Wet Ink Meets Digital Font

The Ink & Blotts font was inspired by the way wet ink flows on a page when coming out of a fountain pen. Basically straight letters, but with a lot of bulges and flowing ink.


The name Ink and Blotts…

…comes partly from the ink flowing out and making blots around the letters. The two t’s in Blotts comes from me reading Harry Potter at the time of making the font. Flourish & Blotts, anyone?

Ink & Blotts was originally conceived from looking at the word “Spring” which I made for the Wrds project. I thought it looked nice with those drop-like edges, and jumped right into it, making a whole handmade font out of it.

This is the first $10 font to come out of the Wrds project, and I am expecting more to come in the future.

  • Typesets: Latin Basic & Western European
  • Font Styles: 1, Regular
  • Glyphs: 233
  • File Types: TTF file for the desktop + WOFF & WOFF2 for the web
  • License: Pay to download, use forever
  • Best use: The font looks best at a larger or medium scale
Ink & Blotts — a $1 typeface

Test the font

Ink and Blotts is a wet ink font, created to imitate the way wet ink flows when coming from a fountain pen onto a classic parchment. It is handmade and kerned with love.
Ink & Blotts — a $1 typeface

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Ink & Blotts — a $1 typeface Ink & Blotts — a $1 typeface