Custom Work Fonts A–Z

The Wrds License

The summary

All the words are completely free to download, alter (if you want), and use for whatever you want, except for the (rather obvious) use cases stated at the bottom of this page.

The details

No payment, and no royalties will ever be required for the words posted to this page. You are not required to credit us in any derivative work. No limitations to amounts of sold goods, printed material or ad impressions.

However, if you want to give us creds, they are received with thanks.

You may create a logo from our words, but that may be a horrible idea, since anyone else can do the same with the same word.

All the images we use are also completely free to for you to do whatever you want. So feel free to use any image we post to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest—as it is—even for commercial purposes. Most of them are taken from Unsplash, and we never post anything without having the complete rights for you to use it.

You may.

Do not sell our words as they are (as digital files unaltered), in bundles or as individual words. They are meant to be free, so let’s keep them that way.

Do not attempt to recreate this service or something similar using our words. If you are uncertain, just ask us—maybe we can work together and create something great.

Do not use our words in connection to or in promotion of the following:

  • Things that glorify violence.
  • Pornograpy.
  • Anything that promotes self-harm.
  • Hate speech and discrimination.
  • Attacking individuals (yes, that even includes Trump).
  • Drugs & tobacco.

So why do I do this if it’s free?

I learn a lot by committing to two words every week. Also I hope you buy some fonts.